How To Get Involved

Kawelle runs on 100% volunteer efforts.  If you’re interested in empowering Kenyan people into self-sufficiency with Kawelle, we encourage you to do whatever you are passionate about. Perhaps that is (but certainly not limited to)...

1. Volunteering – seasonally at one of our annual events or on a more consistent basis with one of our growing teams (fundraising, grant writing, promotional, coordinating, and presenting).

2. Raising Support – take the tried and true support raising route by asking around or be creative by doing things like having a fundraising competition at your school or workplace.

3. Raising Awareness – the more people that know about Kawelle, the more opportunities there are to help out, so feel free to spread the word in your town, on Facebook, or on a giant blimp in the sky.

4. Coming to Kenya – We can use helping hands on the ground in Kenya as well. Feel free to take a missions trip and work along side Kawelle and the Vumilia community.

Thank you for considering to invest your time and heart into the mission of Kawelle.


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